Bookkeeping Services for Small Business

Our virtual bookkeeping services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for small businesses.

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Hire a virtual assistant and outsource your bookkeeping for small business. I Need a PA have an impressive team of bookkeepers who are qualified and prepared to look after your day-to-day incomings and outgoings. Logging business expenses can become a hassle, and keeping track of your invoices and payments can become a daunting task. Outsource your bookkeeping services and your virtual assistant can manage your bank accounts, statements, expenses, receipts, invoices and everything else. You can trust your virtual assistant to chase any late payments, manage your payments to any contractors, input all your expenses and can keep track of any hired equipment, should you forget and incur extra costs.

Hiring a virtual assistant or virtual bookkeeper with I Need a PA can allow you to prioritise your work schedule, outsourcing all the time-consuming tasks you can’t find the time to complete. 

If you already have an accountant, or perhaps only need minor support with your accounts; hire a virtual bookkeeper for on-going support. Every business is run slightly differently, whether it’s the way you manage your bookkeeping, log your expenses, or the way you like your invoices maintained. Your virtual bookkeeper will work within your business and current bookkeeping routines, so you always understand how things are progressing. Your virtual bookkeeper can work closely with your accountant, efficiently working together to manage your money; while you are having lunch with your next client.


Outsourcing your bookkeeping allows you to relax, knowing you have everything prepared for your accountant, without the added pressure of an extra permanent staff member. Your virtual bookkeeper will be available on a pay per task, full-time or part-time bookkeeping basis. 


I Need a PA have had excellent feedback from our virtual bookkeepers and their clients, praising how cost effective and simple our procedures and services are, and how beneficial they have found having an extra pair of hands to support with their bookkeeping and business accounting. I Need a PA have a virtual assistant who can support you if you need full-time or part-time bookkeeping services and support for your small business.

A virtual bookkeeper can support with the management your statutory accounts, employee payroll services along with the subsequent paperwork to go with it. Your virtual bookkeeper can also provide tax services for your small business; including corporation tax, self-assessment tax, VAT returns, as well as inheritance tax services. Your virtual assistant can give you beneficial tax advice to ensure your paperwork is accurate and effective.


Virtual bookkeepers are a cost-effective solution for support in maintaining what’s coming in and going out of your small business.


All of our virtual assistants are fully qualified for the role they take on – and are able to provide copies of qualifications, references and a detailed CV outlining their experience. Speak to a virtual assistant at I Need a PA today for more information on our virtual bookkeeping services and how they could support your small business.


You can hire a virtual bookkeeper the very same day for your small business. I Need a PA and our virtual personal assistants provide bookkeeping, tax and business advice and can also support with business start ups; business plans, financial forecasting, planning and more. Call and speak to a virtual assistant now on 0800 246 1956 and find out what a virtual personal assistant could do for you and your business.