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Hire a virtual assistant to manage your recruitment solutions and your team 24 hours a day. 
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Outsource your recruitment process to a virtual assistant at I Need a PA – 7 days a week. I Need a PA can provide you with a virtual assistant to manage all aspects of your HR and Recruitment solutions.


Your virtual assistant can manage all aspects of your recruitment process, and continue to monitor and manage your employees work and progression within your company on a daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly basis. Our virtual recruitment solution service enables your virtual assistant to manage your employees and enrolment procedures to ensure your hiring process is as stress-free as possible.


Your virtual personal assistant could also plan an incentive campaign for your employees, and arrange a reward programme for consistent, good work. Your virtual assistant can also review your policies and procedures to ensure your employees are sustaining good productivity and well as monitoring low performances.

Speak to a virtual assistant today at I Need a PA, to find out what a virtual personal assistant can do to support you, your business and your team.


I Need a PA’s virtual assistant recruitment solutions and services:


  • Recruitment Support Solutions for Permanent and Temporary Staff

  • Ongoing Employee Training & Support

  • Job Description Design

  • Interview Preparation

  • CV Vetting and Interview Arrangement

  • Performance Management Services

  • Payroll Manager



Recruitment Support


If you are interested in outsourcing your recruitment support and hiring a virtual assistant for recruitment solutions, I Need a PA could allocate a virtual personal assistant to you the very same day. The recruitment process is project which needs strong attention to detail, reliability and consistency in sourcing the right candidates for the job. The staff you take on will work for the business you have built, and it’s important you hire the right people. I Need a PA’s virtual assistant recruitment solutions guarantee you only meet with qualified candidates and are provided with detailed background information before you do.

Our virtual assistant recruitment solutions include; creation of job descriptions, posting job vacancies online, thorough CV vetting, interview preparation, templates and arrangement, enrolling solutions and more. A virtual assistant with I Need a PA can manage every aspect of your recruitment process, leaving only the interviewing down to you, (unless you require your virtual assistant to do this too!)

Hiring a virtual assistant and outsourcing your recruitment solutions can ease the pressures of the recruitment process, allowing you to make timely, yet informed decisions without the added stress of assessing CVs and responding to enquiring emails and calls. I Need a PA provide high-quality recruitment support and solutions 7 days a week for small and medium sized businesses.



Employee Support


As well as providing outsourced virtual recruitment solutions, your virtual assistant can also manage your employees on a daily, monthly and yearly basis – monitoring and rewarding consistently reliable performances, as well as monitoring poor performing employees.

After the recruitment process, your new recruits may require training material, supervision and payroll enrolment and in some cases uniform, course attendance and certification. Your virtual assistant can provide employee solutions to support you with your staff 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your virtual assistant can provide you with support in sourcing and distributing your training material, ensuring your new staff have the right information to work successfully for your business as well as enrolment, gaining the correct details from staff and retaining the correct documents; references, bank details.


Outsourced employee services with I Need a PA also includes the creation of your company policies and procedures and how to manage these within legal guidelines. This could be your employment and equal opportunities policy, operations management and guidelines, your complaints handling procedure or your dress code policy. Speak to a virtual assistant today for support with HR and Recruitment Solutions and you will wonder why you haven’t done it sooner!



Payroll Manager


For outsourced payroll support services, your virtual assistant could also manage your payroll services, providing continued support to your newly recruited and existing staff. If you have a team of 2 or a team of 20, payroll tasks can be a time-consuming job and tough to keep on top of when your staff go off sick, require annual leave or are consistently arriving late. Our recruitment solutions allow you to outsource your payroll services to a virtual assistant, who will relieve you of this pressure, allowing you to spend more time with your staff instead of sitting at your desk amending and processing their hours. Our virtual payroll managers are experienced and highly skilled, ensuring your payroll solutions are completed efficiently and effectively while taking care of your employees. 


Your virtual assistant can manage your company’s employee portal via many different platforms, monitor staff attendance and punctuality, create and allocate staff rotas, input hours worked for payment and process your employee’s wages. You could save yourself a huge amount of time and money by outsourcing your payroll services to a virtual payroll manager with I Need a PA, and maintain accurate and efficient HR procedures.


I Need a PA’s virtual assistants are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to discuss HR & Recruitment solutions and support for you and your business. Our 24-hour contact number is 0800 246 1956, and for alternative contact methods, please visit our contact us page, here.


I Need a PA have dedicated, specialist recruitment assistants who are qualified to manage every aspect of your recruitment solutions, as well as providing on-going employee support, training and assistance. Speak to a virtual assistant at I Need a PA today and outsource your recruitment process!