Your Virtual Assistant

At I Need A PA, your Virtual Assistant is dedicated to helping you improve your business.

That's why your virtual pa is available 24hrs a day and how we deliver and maintain our high standards of work. 

Whether you need help with your online marketing, data entry, customer relations, HR to event planning, you can always contact a Virtual pa at I Need A PA.


Your virtual pa can assist you with your personal life, from diary and email management, daily reminders to morning wake up calls! We just cannot bring you your morning coffee...


With your permission your virtual pa can access your email to organise them and ensure you are only reading what you have to.

You can hire a virtual pa to cover all areas of your business or personal life.


If you have an important business event to plan, or maybe a family members birthday or anniversary - your Virtual pa can handle this too! From designing and sending out invitations, booking entertainment and decorations to event run sheets.


Call one of our virtual pa's today for more details on our virtual assistant services. You can also text us to request a call back at a time more appropriate for you. 


All of our details are available on our Contact Us page. 

I Need a PA for all virtual assistant services!




We ensure our virtual pa's always send you the highest quality documents, specifically tailored for you and your business.

If there are any issues, simply email it back explaining your concern and your virtual pa will amend it the same day. 


Your virtual pa works to support you in making your business a success.

If you require any support or advice with your project, your virtual pa will take any calls within your allotted times. 

Your virtual pa is here to help you!

You choose the hours your virtual pa works, and with our exclusive SOS service, your virtual pa will be available to you 24 hours a day! 


Depending on your package, simply choose the hours you need your virtual pa to work, on the days you need and voila! 

Virtual Assistants at I Need a PA understand business owners work around the clock, and that is why our virtual assistant services are available 24 hours a day.

I Need a PA have a virtual pa for you.