Virtual Receptionist Services


Hire a virtual receptionist to manage all incoming customer calls and emails! You can hire a virtual receptionist full-time or on a pay per hour basis. Our virtual receptionists are based in and around London, UK.

24hr customer service line answered by your virtual receptionist

Prompt customer email responses as if sent from your office

Flexible booking options - full time or pay per hour. No Contracts neccesary.

Virtual Receptionist - Customer Call & Email Management

Virtual receptionists are human, virtual assistants who manage incoming customer calls and/or emails. Much like a small scale call centre, with extra flexibility and a lot more personal. 
If you are struggling to respond to your customer queries then hire a virtual receptionist to manage your customer service.
Keeping your customers happy and satisfied with your service is vital for your business - and failure to respond to customer calls and emails could have a huge impact.
Virtual receptionists are a cheaper alternative to in-office staff, with the flexibilty to book for 1 day or 1 year.

Hiring a virtual receptionist with I Need a PA is easy. 


You simply call a virtual assistant who will be able to give you a quote based on your individual needs. A virtual receptionist will then be allocated to you - who you can then brief on your business and expectations. Your quote will be based per virtual assistant but we can however, support you with a small team. 

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Call a virtual receptionist on 0800 246 1956
24 hours a day

Your Virtual Receptionist Guide

Why is hiring a virtual assistant or receptionist more beneficial than in-office staff? 
Virtual assistants and virtual receptionists are there as and when you need them!
Hiring somebody in-office requires delegating tasks around their working hours, which can be a difficult task on a 40 hour contract - but a virtual receptionist will work her hours around your business and tasks, which ensures you are only paying your virtual receptionist when she is working!
In office staff come with a lot of working hours in a week, with lots of time wasted while on your payroll. Virtual receptionists only work in the hours allocated by you and can be hired in as little as 20 minute slots. 
Virtual receptionists don't require any holiday or sick pay, and work for you on a self-employed basis so there are no tax or paye costs either. Your virtual receptionist covers all of her own overheads, and won't take up any of your office space!
Your virtual receptionist at I Need a PA will be dedicated to giving your customers the best support they can. 
If you have never hired a virtual assistant or receptionist before, you can book a virtual receptionist for 2 hours free of charge, where you will be able to see how your arrangement will work, as well as how your virtual pa and yourself bond and if the service is beneficial for your business


How does hiring a virtual receptionist work?
Hiring a virtual receptionist works the same way as hiring a virtual assistant. You simply book your virtual receptionist to work in the hours allocated by you - answering calls and/or emails during those hours. There are several ways - which will be explained to you - in which the management of diverting calls and emails can be handled. 
Calls can be managed via a cloud - similar to a switchboard, just a virtual one in the clouds. Your calls connect to the cloud and are automatically diverted to your assistant - either to a land line or mobile. You can also set up a welcome message for your customers. 
E mail management can be as simple as exchanging login details to the account and accessed via the provider. Confidentiality agreements can be signed from each party to ensure the privacy and security of your files and information. 

How can I book a virtual receptionist?
You can hire a virtual assistant or virtual receptionist by:
Calling us on: 0800 246 1956, or by emailing: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

We will need to ask you some questions regarding your requirements to generate a quote, but a virtual assistant can provide you with a quote over the phone the same day.

Our virtual receptionist prices range from £15 per hour - depending on the nature, frequency and duration of calls and emails.

Please ask a virtual pa about our trials regarding virtual assistant and virtual receptionist services - we want the transition to be as beneficial to you and your business and as stress-free as possible. 


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